What does Induction look like?

We recognise that all roles are different when you work in one of our Support Centre Teams and you’re likely to bring with you lots of experience too!

So prior to you joining, your Manager will have created a plan of activity that enables you to get to know your team, your role and our business.

These plans typically include:
– Meeting key people in your Team
– Looking at what your role will be focusing on
– Getting to know our systems
– Learning some of the basics that you need to know
– A day in our office
– A day in Club – working behind the scenes and also playing as a Customer!

We’ll send this plan to you ahead of your first day so that you’ve got time to work through it and your Manager will give you a call to check you’re all set.

Your First Day – Getting you Set Up

Everyone’s start days are different and ideally we’d like to welcome you to the Buzz Hub in Nottingham. The Recruitment Team and your Manager will finesse the details and confirm this with you by email.

During this first day we’ll be making sure you have all the kit you need. So your Manager is on hand to give you a tour of the building and our IT Team are on hand to make sure you’re set up properly.

Your Welcome Meeting

You will also be expected to attend our Welcome Meeting which is where we tell you a little bit more about who we are, what we do and also how we all work around here. These are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at Buzz Hub in Nottingham. Typically you’ll attend the first one that’s available. Don’t worry about booking on as you’ll find a meeting invite in your inbox when you land.

These meetings run from 10am – 12pm and it gives you an opportunity to meet new Colleagues who’ve also recently joined the business and as you’re in the Buzz Hub you’ll get to meet lots of new faces too!

Attending the Hub Huddle

Every 4 weeks, the Exec Team deliver a Hub Huddle. This is their opportunity to share what’s happening in the business and how we’re performing. As part of your induction, you should attend at least one of the Huddles!

What you should have during your first few days…

Your Induction Plan     Your Welcome Box     Your IT Equipment

Getting set up

Ahead of your first day you should receive your Welcome Kit from us… a little welcome on board box of goodies, your induction plan and all your IT equipment.

In your IT box you should have everything you need to get set up and logged in.

If you’re not on site with us for your first day, don’t panic, your Manager will give you a call and walk through your IT set up to make sure you’re all sorted. If you’re on site, we’ll be on hand to guide you.

Once we’ve got you logged in, it’s time for you to start learning more about who we are, what we do and how your role supports our Customers as we start to work through your induction plan with you.

Helpful contacts

If you have any questions you’d like to ask ahead of your first day, please get in touch:

HR & Reward

Drop us an email


Drop us an email

IT Support

Drop us an email

We’ve got the new Buzz Hub with loads of new facilities, and you’ve also got the flexibility of being able to work from home. There’s a lot of good work life balance, it’s a great place to work.”

Ben Telfer
Procurement Officer