Our Office Space

Watch our video to find out what working at Buzz looks like. We’re an open-plan, friendly, hot-desking office. For the days you’re working at the office, you can book your desk using our handy app.

We have a variety of meeting rooms and meeting spaces available to book, along with digital technology to connect everyone whether you’re working from the Hub, from Home or in one of our Clubs.

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Here at Buzz we love Hybrid Working!

We recognise that having a choice of where you work really aids your commitment and productivity so we’ve created a policy of Hybrid Working to help you do just that.

We also recognise that getting together as a team and seeing your Colleagues is important too… so we do recommend that you work from Buzz Hub at least once a week (where you can) – seeing people face to face is sometimes better than seeing them from behind a screen!

It’s not all about work at the Buzz Hub – we organise regular activities, competitions and there are loads of opportunities to get to know people from right across the business. There’s a really social place to eat and chat and plenty of ways to get involved with life at Buzz.

One of the greatest things about working at support centre is the people. The people make it.”

Linda Ladley
Learning & Development Manager