Your First Day

We always like to ensure you have a great first day with us and as such, your HRBP will be meeting up with you on your first day at a local Club to share with you a lot more about Buzz Bingo, who we are, what we do and importantly what your induction period looks like.

Your First Few Weeks

Being a Manager in one of our Clubs does mean there is lots to learn and do, so your induction period will last a minimum of 3 months; how long it then lasts depends on what you’ve managed to learn during that time and what else you might need to know.

All of your learning is ‘on the job’ with some eLearning in the mix too! You’ll be based in one of our local Clubs and you’ll start working through our Management Tracker – this documents everything you need to know. The team you’ll be with will help to guide and mentor you through your role and we will regularly check in with you to see how you’re getting on so that we can ensure you’re ready to Deliver the Buzz.

Delivering the Buzz


Getting to know us on your first day.

Our Customer Journey

Understanding one of our core foundations.


Using our Learn Platform you’ll start to build more knowledge and skill.

Delivering the Buzz

Your Management Tracker

My Business

Getting to know how everything works around here

My Customers

Getting to know our customers and how we keep them safe

My Team

Knowing how to lead a great team here at Buzz!

The job is all about building relationships, with Colleagues and with our Customers.”

Jon Hempstead
Manager, Peterborough