We are on a mission to be
the Nations No 1 Choice for Bingo.

Be Yourself at Buzz

Be You! We already know that you’ll be brilliant in your role (that’s why you’re here) and we also know that by just being yourself you’ll bring your personality to life in a great team. Because we want you to be the brilliant person you are, we have a supportive environment full of opportunities for you to learn, grow and develop to be the best version of you.

Customer Journey

Our Customers are at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on delivering a great customer experience every time.

Whether our Customer plays with us in Club, Online or comes along to one of our Events, we want them to love who we are, what we do and to recognise we genuinely do care. And to deliver this we have our very own Customer Journey which is the foundation to everything that we do.

Customer Experience video

Keeping you updated

Good communication works both ways, and that’s something that is really important to us. We make sure we keep Colleagues up to date with the latest Buzz news through our Colleague app Zingo, and our Caring Community resources. Listening to your views is just as important, and we always encourage feedback and discussion: on Zingo or through our regular Colleague survey Buzzometer.


Buzzometer is our Colleague Survey where we ask for your thoughts and feedback on a whole host of topics from Culture, Leadership, Teamwork, Growth and Development, Wellbeing and more! Our survey is ran by a third party and 100% confidential – we want our Colleagues to be open and honest when sharing their views. We’re always committed to taking action on the feedback we get from our surveys to ensure Buzz is a great place to work!


Zingo is our communications app that enables us to share with you what’s going on in the business. It’s our very own internal social channel. We’ll show you how to get logged in when you arrive.

As well as business updates you’ll find some really exciting ways to engage with your Colleagues, play games and win prizes.